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Karyn Has Been Featured On: The Leah Remini Show, Travel Channel, TLC, Discovery, Lifetime Channel, Biography, A&E, CW, 

Ghostbait & The Jimmy Church Show


Karyn Has Been Featured On: The Leah Remini Show, Travel Channel, TLC, Discovery, Lifetime Channel, Biography, A&E, CW, 

Ghostbait & The Jimmy Church Show



In addition to reading clients daily from her office, Karyn has been featured on networks such as TLC, Discovery, Lifetime, The CW, FYI, Travel Channel, and A&E to bring healing to audiences around the world. In addition she has worked with industry leaders such as Psychic Medium James Van Praagh, Nick Redfern, Josh Warren and Rueben Uriarte. Karyn has also appeared on many radio shows and in print. Gifted since birth, Karyn knew she had a special gift when she started receiving psychic predictions and messages from spirit. When she finally accepted her gift as to who she was, she decided that her purpose in this world is much larger than herself. Her calling is to heal others through the gift she has been given.


  • Rated in the top 1% of psychics in her field with an over 98% accuracy (compared to the average psychic medium which is 50%) 
  • Former stockbroker, Bachelors of Science degree in Business (SUNY), Listed in Marquis's "Who's Who."
  • Provides very specific detail such as names, numbers, dates, and times and how it relates to your life in the present, past, or future
  • Receives her information directly from the spirit world rather than the client 


  • A PSYCHIC AND A MEDIUM: Gives her clients healing, clarity, and empowerment they deserve through psychic predictions and connections to their departed loved ones
  • PSYCHIC ARTIST: Instrumental in solving cold cases and unresolved murders for law enforcement
  • HAUNTED PHENOMENON AND EXORCISM EXPERT:  Removes negative energies and provides the restoration of peace and harmony.  
  • SKILLED PSYCHIC HISTORIAN: Provides professionals with detailed information on historical places and objects as she brings the past into the future. 
  • PRODUCER: Produces her own television psychic shows which all received high ratings. 
    • The Karyn Reece Show: Interviews celebrities and top paranormal experts in her field in addition to reading members of her live studio audience
    • The Unknown: Unlocking the history and spirit behind haunted locations within different communities




"Karyn Reece is a Real Psychic"- James Van Praagh

(Psychic Medium, Author & Producer of Ghost Whisperer)

"The Most Accurate Psychic I've Ever Met"- Joshua P Warren 

(Author, TV Personality & Paranormal Expert)

"I've Had Numerous Psychic Readings But By Far Karyn Reece Has Been The Most Accurate Psychic I Know!"- Suzie R. 

(Playboy Playmate)


NEXT TAPING: January 18 2020 AT 11:00 AM AND 12:30 PM


Click HERE to purchase tickets and to secure your spot in the audience to receive healing messages from spirit. 


  • Jacqueline Laurita (The Real Housewives of NJ)
  • Adelle Archer (CEO of Eterneva and featured on NBC Shark Tonk)
  • Heidi Hollis (Paranormal expert on Shadow People and the Hat Man) 
  • Jimmy Church (Fade to Black Radio) 
  • Bob Magill (Travel Channel's Ghost Bait)


"When you have the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind because you will always be right." - Wonder (RJ Palacio)


Psychic Artist


Karyn is also considered a rarity in her field for her artistic talent. Her artistic renderings and artistic execution of dead people and psychic events has been quoted by many as “incredible and exact!’


Here is an example of Karyn's Psychic Artwork. The portrait refers to a victim's murdered son.



The Karyn Reece Show

WBBZ Studio One Eastern Hills Mall

Event Details


The Karyn Reece Show

Join us for the All NEW Exciting Karyn Reece Show! Featuring Top Paranormal Experts in the the field! Karyn will be discussing a myriad of  topics with guests, take questions from audience members, and will excite the crowd with messages and predictions from the other-side! Don't miss out for a chance to be read by Karyn!

Ticket information can be found on the "Show" tab on my website. 

WBBZ Studio One Eastern Hills Mall

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