Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about an appointment with Karyn with these commonly asked and answered questions.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Not all mediums are psychics, but all psychics are mediums. Karyn is both a psychic and a medium. This means she sees all three realms of life (past, present, future). She can tune into past lives connections, things you have done in your past, and those who have passed onto the other side. She can also connect with your present and who/what you are involved with currently. She can also give you insight into your future by providing specific details about relationships, career, health, etc. Unlike most psychic mediums, Karyn is known for providing specific detail including names, places, and dates. Everything has a connection. Karyn has no control over who or what comes into a reading. Most people don’t realize that you project information in a reading through your aura. Although your future predictions may not make sense to you right now, they will when they unfold. Keep your notes, and don’t forget to look back.

If I would like to book an appointment, what is the easiest way to do so?

The easiest way to book an appointment is right on the website under the “Book Now” tab. It is here where you will find the most up-to-date appointments available for both in-person and phone consultations. When you see a red date, that means that date is fully booked. If you click on a date and it jumps to another date, it means that there are no appointments available and will automatically jump to the next available date.

What is the cancelation / refund policy?

Appointments are non refundable. If you can not make your appointment, appointments can be rescheduled. A 7-day notification to reschedule is required and must be arranged verbally with our office.

Are in-person readings more accurate than phone readings?

Because of the strength at which Karyn channels spirit, both in-person readings and phone readings are of the highest accuracy. It is compared to a radio wave. Whether it is in-person or on the phone, it is an exchange of energy between Karyn, spirit, and the client. A client does not need to physically be in Karyn’s presence to have an accurate reading.

If I am looking to share a consultation with another person especially if we are trying to connect to the same person on the other side, are we allowed to do so?

Due to privacy regulations, only one person is allowed in the reading room at a given time. Each person needs to book their own reading in their own name with their own information.

If I am booking a phone consultation, does Karyn call me or do I call Karyn?

When booking a phone consultation, Karyn will call the client on the number imported into the system by the client at the initial time of booking. Karyn will attempt to call three times. If the client fails to answer on the third time, the appointment is deemed a no-show and is non-refundable. Please wait 10-15 minutes from the start of your appointment for Karyn to call you.

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