About Karyn

Karyn Reece is a highly acclaimed celebrity psychic medium motivational speaker, accomplished coach, author, entrepreneur, producer and media personality.

Karyn Reece, A Renowned Psychic Medium, Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Paranormal Investigator, Psychic Artist, Producer And Former Stockbroker Is A Formidable Force In Multiple Fields.

With Her Unparalleled Abilities And Deep Insights, She Has Captivated Audiences Worldwide. Born With A Natural Gift For Connecting With The Spiritual Realm, And Her Uncanny Abilities To Predict, Karyn Has Dedicated Her Life To Exploring And Understanding Supernatural Phenomena.

Through Her Psychic Readings And Mediumship Sessions, She Provides Comfort, Guidance, And Closure To Those Seeking Answers From Beyond And The Future. Because Of Her Remarkable Accuracy And Compassionate Approach She Has Earned A Reputation As One Of The Most Gifted Psychics In The Field.

As A Former Stockbroker, With A B.S. Degree In Business From (S.U.N.Y.) New York She Brings Her Expertise And Diverse Range Of Talents To Each Endeavor She Undertakes. As A Former Stockbroker Karyn Honed Her Analytical Skills And Business Acumen Navigating The Intricate World Of Finance. Her Experience In This Demanding Industry Equipped Her With The Ability To Assess Market Trends, Make Informed Decisions And Ensure Financial Success For Her Clients.

Beyond Her Psychic And Financial Pursuits, Karyn Is Also A Published Author, Captivating Readers With Her Thought-Provoking Ideas And Storytelling Abilities. Her Books Delve Into Various Subjects, Offering Readers A Unique And Gripping Perspective On Life, The Afterlife And Intricacies.

Karyn’s Passion For The Supernatural Has Led Her To Become A Paranormal Investigator, Enabling Her To Shed Light On Unexplained Phenomena. Through Her Meticulous Research And Dedication, She Strives To Uncover The Mysteries That Live Beyond Normal Understanding, Bringing Closure And Answers To Those Affected By Unexplained Events.

Karyn Also Uses Her Psychic Abilities And Mediumship To Help In Law-Enforcement Crack Cases.

In Addition To Investigative Work, Karyn Is A Sought After Lecturer And Speaker. Her Powerful Presence Combined With Her Eloquence And In Depth Of Knowledge, Captivates Audience And Leaves A Lasting Impact.
Whether She Is Inspiring Others To Pursue Their Passions Or Sharing Her Insights, Karyn’s Words Resonate Deeply With Those Who To Attend Her Engagements.

Karyn’s Artistic Talents Extend Beyond The Written Word. As A Naturally Born Artist And Psychic Artist, She Unveils The Unseen Through Her Intuitive Abilities, Channeling Energy And Images Onto Canvas.

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